Water Based Polyurethane resin for lamination of shoes

Water Based Polyurethane resin for lamination of shoes

  • 2019-11-01

Our water based polyurethane resin as adhesive is widely applied in shoes lamination with excellent adhesion and physical perforamnce

Main construction technology of shoes outsole laminating:
1. Two-component mixture;
2. coated glue;
3. Dry;
4. The activation;
5. Fit and shape.

Analysis of common problems in the process of using waterbased polyurethane shoe lamination adhesive:
1. Why is it that when making white materials, the areas brushed with glue often become yellow?
First this stick with white material itself or be caused by pollution, water-based PU glue not yellowing, we often encounter on market in white PU/PVC and rubber adhesive, rubber used for processing water containing strong oxidizing substances, when he was covering the glue on its oxidation, so a yellowing, it is at this time in rubber processing substrate potion don't spillover, a spillover to clean up in time.

2. Why is there time difference in stickiness between autumn and winter than summer?
This is the result of not following the correct operating specifications.In addition, this problem is related to the product's viscosity maintenance time performance and other aspects. In summer, when the temperature is high, it can fit within 3 'after drying without any abnormalities.In autumn and winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the cold air is directly on the adhesive surface, so that the adhesive viscosity maintenance time is shortened. At this time, the adhesive cannot be operated according to the summer, but should be fitted well within 2 'after drying or properly changed and used according to the local and then conditions!

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