• Waterborne polyurethane
    • 2020-05-15

    Waterborne polyurethane is a new type of polyurethane system in which water replaces organic solvent as dispersing medium, also known as water-dispersing polyurethane, waterborne polyurethane or water...

  • Vacuum plastic suction MDF polyurethane adhesive
    • 2020-05-15

    Vacuum suction resin is a kind of waterborne polyurethane adhesive, because it needs a vacuum suction machine to pump the vacuum suction plastic so it is called vacuum plastic suction adhesive.It is w...

  • About Solid content Of Water Based Polyurethane Dispersion
    • 2020-04-23

    Solid content is an important index of water based polyurethane. The high and low solid content not only affects the film formation rate of waterborne polyurethane in the drying process, but also affe...

  • Water based Polyurethane dispersion emuslion
    • 2020-04-17

    Water based polyurethane resin, also known as water based polyurethane dispersion, water-based PU dispersion or water-based polyurethane emulsion, is a new type of polyurethane system in which water r...

    • 2020-04-10

    1.WPU extinction resin Thometzsk et al. introduced a method for preparing low gloss powder coatings and discussed the factors affecting glossiness.In contrast, liquid coatings are easier to produce lo...

  • Water based Polyurethane WPU
    • 2020-04-07

    Waterborne Polyurethane, full water-borne Polyurethane (Water based Polyurethane WPU), it mainly contains hydroxyl containing alcohol and isocyanate based isocyanate by reaction generates more block P...

  • water based polyurethane with excellent characteristics
    • 2020-02-17

    Water based polyurethane is a new kind of polyurethane system which use water instead of organic solvent as polyurethane dispersion medium.Waterborne polyurethane with water as solvent, has no smell, ...

  • Water Based Polyurethane development
    • 2020-01-17

    Water based polyurethane is the base material and key component of water based PU adhesive.According to the type of charge carried by particles, water-based polyurethane can be divided into three type...

  • Water Based Polyurethane Application
    • 2020-01-09

    Water based polyurethane adhesives have been widely used in automotive interior adhesives, flocking glue, composite glue, laminating adhesive,vacuum absorbent plastic, etc. Automotive decorative adhes...

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