textile screen printing polyurethane binder

textile screen printing polyurethane binder

  • 2020-01-02
AH-1619 is an water based anion aliphatic high solid polyurethane dispersion emulsion, as polyurethane binder ,with excellent physical and chemical properties, could use directly or match other water based PU resin and acrylic emulsion to use ;also could add bit of hardener or silane coupling agent to improve the resistance of chemicals and solvent

Application :
Our textile printing binder is widely applied in the field of soft Substrate like textile printing paste, binder for pigment paste ,leather and fabric coating

Technical Data :
Appearance              milky white liquid
Solid Content (%)          60±1
Viscosity(mPa·S(25℃))   ≥100
Modulus/Mpa(100%)      0.6-0.8
PH                                  6-9
Tensile Strength/Mpa       15-20
Elongation /%               2200-2500
Specific Gravity(g/cm³)     1.06±0.02 g/cm3

1.Anti-aging,excellent anti-after tack,best soft and washing fastness
2.High elasticity and elongation, Good adhesion
3.Resistance for water, solvent and abrasion etc

For any requirements on water based polyurethane dispersion binder and isocyanate hardener,kindly contact us !

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