water based polyurethane adhesive at the China Shanghai international automobile interior and exterior exhibition 2019

  • 2019-05-20

The 9th international automotive interior and exterior exhibition was held at China national convention and exhibition center in Shanghai on August 15-17, 2019. anda huatai as a exhibitor of the exhibition, a lot of products in this exhibition shine brilliantly, harvest is very large

We show many extraordinary water based polyurethane adhesive through many years of independent research and development production ,like AH - 1502 R-1-flocking glue water, AH - 0203DB-water-based coating glue, AH-1608-water-based laminating adhesive, 0201C-car leather composite adhesive, AH - 1605C-mould paint, AH - 1604 - a car carpet flocking glue, AH-1728  for wiper strip coating, and other series of waterborne polyurethane adhesive products,which, is relative with respectively the auto glove box flocking, door armrests composite coating, trunk, car leather, foam pieces, carpet flocking materials in areas such as the composite or flocking.

For AH-1502R-1,It’s widely praised by everyone,and wet rubbing fastness on auto glove box flocking, and its odor 3.0-3.5

For Ah-0203DB,it’s water-based coating adhesive in the car door panel, handrail, steering wheel, handball and other covering parts, with excellent initial adhesion strength and excellent final adhesion effect on PP, hemp fiber, nylon and other difficult to adhere to the mixed substrate, by a number of automotive research institute engineers and foreign customers attention!

For AH-0201C,it’s as auto leather compound adhesive, has a large share in the domestic market in PVC, 0PP, XPE and other auto leather composite products. Many actual cooperative customers have come to the exhibition for communication, looking forward to in-depth cooperation and development!

For AH-1605C,it’s applied water-based in-mold paint ,can effectively reduce the defective rate of foaming products and improve the apparent effect of foaming products, which also attracts the attention of many friends!

For AH-1728,it’s applied wiper strip coating products ,which effectively solve the problem of low fastness, high noise, high cost and high quality products of wiper manufacturers in China!

Anda huatai with 17 years history focuses on water-based automotive interior adhesive, we strive to provide domestic and foreign customers with the best quality products and services, to provide one-stop solutions to all aspects of the problem, we look forward to working together with you!

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