Insisting on waterborne polyurethane technology

  • 2019-01-01

Anda HuTai New Material is launched for 17 years since 2002, it's long history when we focus on water based polyurethane technology, precipitation is classic ,and we experienced countless trials and hardships, in the business "fight out", "eye-catching" at the moment, always work hard to do products,.15 years is enough to change an enterprise, so that andahuatai from  "foal eagle" into a soaring "eagle"  in the field of waterborne polyurethane resin presently.

AnDa HuaTai insist in line with the "people-oriented" business philosophy and "green, environmental protection, health" of environmental policy, with these beliefs as the beginner's mind, through technical innovation, product constantly upgrading, production environment look brand-new, and to the rising power of enterprise hard and soft, at the same time of strengthening foundation to promote orderly development of the industry.However, relative to anda huatai, become "external", unchanged is the original heart.

It’s developing from the first few employees to today's nearly hundreds employees family from 17 years ago, anda huatai has always advocate "people-oriented" management philosophy.Conduct induction training, fire fighting training, management training and professional skills training for employees;Organize staff to travel regularly;Celebrate each employee's birthday;Help the destitute employees get through the difficult period; most of the employees in workshop almost work for more than 10 years , employees to anda huatai as home,  leaders of company regard employees as family and precious wealth

Since establishment, anda huatai has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of waterborne polyurethane resin, and insists on providing customers with environmentally friendly and healthy resin and adhesives. No matter the outside world dont like waterborne polyurethane at the beginning, andahuatai has been in the forefront of the industry under the leadership of the company leaders.For 17 years, antahuatai from the original single product vacuum suction plastic, to today's dozens of water-based environmental polyurethane resin, no doubt we made outstanding contributions for ECO.

"No pain, no gain. No pains, no gains", anda huatai in waterborne polyurethane industry also walked out of his own glory: was rated as "high-tech enterprises in anhui province" ", "hefei high-tech technology giants to foster enterprise" and other honorary titles, and passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 dual system ", there are six new products be made "new products in anhui province", two products were made for the "small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation project".

It’s our willing as "Never forget your original intention, you will always get what you want." , the enthusiasm and persistence for water-based environmental protection products are the driving force for anda huatai to achieve success and brilliance, and also the source of innovation.However, brilliant belongs to the past, anda huatai will continue with this mission and original intention, toward tomorrow  and the future

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