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high elastic polyurethane resin for medical glove AH-K100

AH-K100 is water based polyurethane resin designed with non-toxic, ECO friendly, as high elastic polyurethane resin for medical gloves,olvent-resistant, abrasion-resistant, flexible and thermally stable resin, special used in the manufacture of polyurethane medical gloves and coating of rubber glove

  • Item No.:

  • Color:

    Milky white liquid
  • Type:

    polyurethane dispersion
  • Solid content:

  • Elongation:

  • Application:

    coating&paints,printing ink
  • Performance:

    Excellent elongation and anti-wear
  • Min order:

Products description

AH-K100 is an water based  polyurethane dispersion emulsion, as high elastic polyurethane resin for medical glove,excellent physical and chemical properties, could use directly or match other water based PU resin and acrylic emulsion to use ;also could add bit of hardener or silane coupling agent to improve the resistance of chemicals and solvent  

Application :
AH-K100 is as water based  polyurethane dispersion and latex gloves polyurethane dispersion widely applied in the field of hand glove coating ,and medical glove production

Technical Data :


milky white liquid

Solid Content (%)








Tensile Strength/Mpa


Elongation /%


Specific Gravity(g/cm³)

1.06±0.02 g/cm3


1.Excellent anti-after tack and washing fastness

2.High elasticity and soft hand-feeling

3.Good adhesion 
4.Resistance for water, solvent and abrasion etc

Suggesting sealed storage,temperature from 5 ℃to 35℃,can’t freeze, prohibiting mixing with kation substance or oil painting

50Kg 、 200Kg/Drum 

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.